Palette Carbon G67 Keyboard Kit

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NEO Palette G67 Keyboard Kit

    -Designed by NEO Keys
    -Carbon fiber sandwich structure, with fully isolated, gasket mounted switch plate
    -Chamfered top and bottom layers
    -Switch plate - carbon Fiber only
    -6.5 degree typing angle

    -Extra Acrylic bottom layer included

    NEO67 Hotswap PCB

    -QMK programmable
    -North facing switch mount
    -Per-switch SMD RGB light
    -RGB blacklight
    -Center mounted USB-C port

    NEO67 Soldered PCB

    -QMK programmable
    -South facing switch mount
    -ISO, Split Backspace, 7U spacebar compatible
    -RGB blacklight LED x18! Ultra bright!
    -Center mounted USB-C port


      Dimension: 322mm*112mm*19mm


      Palette Carbon G67 kit includes:

      1. Full carbon fiber case (4 layers of case body, 2 layers of feet), extra acrylic bottom layer(optional if you prefer RGB lighting)
      2. 5mm carbon fiber or 1.5mm brass plate
      3. Hotswap or soldered PCB
      4. Poron Gasket
      5. Plate/PCB foam and PCB/case foam
      6. Silicone Feet
      7. M2x8 flat head screws *32 (4 extra)
      8. M2x10 brass posts *16 (4 extra)
      9. M2x4 round head screws *6 (2 extra)
      10. M2x5 brass posts *6 (2 extra)
      11. M2x3 low profile flat head screws *16 (4 extra)
      12. 5 custom aluminum posts *8 (2 extra)
      13. USB-C Cable
      14. Microfabric cloth


      Extra PCB/Plate kit includes:

      1. PCB
      2. Plate
      3. PCB/Plate foam
      4. Gaskets
      5. M2x3 low profile flat head screws *16 (4 extra)
      6. 5 custom aluminum posts *8 (2 extra)

      *Switches and keycaps are not included

      Firmware downloads