NEO Element G67 Keyboard Kit

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GB starting on June 4th and ending on July 4th...

Element G67 is the third design of NEO Keys.

It is a machined alloy, gasket mounted, seamless, minimalist design, compact size, slim bezel, low stack height and budget friendly custom mechanical keyboard kit.

NEO Element started from the idea of designing a board that expresses nothing but its true form, bears no identity but the geometry and texture of material, without the burden of symbolism of concept or representation of individual. It is elegant, easy to build, amazing to type on, and most important affordable.


Full machined aluminum case body, anodized finish.

Precisely calibrated Poron gasket hardness and compression rate for optimal typing feel

Completely seamless case design for visual integrity

Case exterior has no logo, no engraving, no laser etching, no badge

Interior tool path is designed to be as simple as possible to shave off manufacturing time and cost

Fully built weight 1400g

NEO67 Hotswap PCB

-QMK and VIA programmable
-South facing switch mount
-Per-switch SMD RGB light
-RGB blacklight
-JST connector

NEO67 Soldered PCB

-QMK and VIAprogrammable
-South facing switch mount
-ISO, Split Backspace, 7U spacebar compatible
-RGB blacklight LED x18
-JST connector

Plate Options

Fixed ANSI:

Variable ANSI:

Variable ISO:


Andy V Nguyen's Build Stream VOD

Andy V Nguyen's Type Test

Andy V Nguyen's Full Length Review

Alexotos' Build Stream and Type Test


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